November, 13 2019

Verona Arabian Dream

The November Fieracavalli  is so late in the season it was decided to count the points towards the 2020 Paris tickets.  For the first time we used the new points system that includes now points for Champion, Silver and Bronze in each halter section.  We were also happy that it was the first time a completely non European judging team got to experience and enjoy the Amateur judging system show. Well done to the competitors - for many it was their first time in the arena - and for the largest audience of any Amateur show.  Next year we hope to see some Trail entrants make a debut as well !

Congratulations to 

Amateur Champion: Ducan El Aziz by ZT Marwteyn shown by Geremia Leteriello.

Amateur Silver Champion: Athaliah El Aziz by Kahil Al Shaqab shown by Geremia Leteriello. (pictured)

Amateur Bronze Champion: Lady Walenthine by Psyrasic shown by Roberto Santomalazza.