August, 16 2019

The South East Region Summer

It doesn't matter if it's the middle of summer in Northern Europe - sometimes you get wet at a horse show !  

Congratulations to

Best in Show Novice:   Palila by Persiflage shown by Marie Northfield of the UK

Best In Show Amateur.   Popaya by AV Montoya shown by Sara Parfitt of the UK

Best in Show Experienced:  Adaliya by Adawy shown by Louisa Biles of the UK

Trail In Hand Winner:  Lawbrook Mia Fantasy with Victoria Ayling 

Ridden Trail In Hand Winner: Kajamakia ridden by Katherine Ellis

Classic Pleasure Winner: Tobasco ridden by Gillian Gribble 

Hunter Pleasure Winner:  Forever Monther Benjani ridden by Sarah Nundy (pictured)

Western Pleasure Winner:  Rasputin ridden by Zoe Brailsford

Thank you to Organiser Pippa Bowles and the South East Group Team 

And to all the exhibitors for supplying me with photographs !!