January, 02 2017

The Paris Ticket Winners 2016

In 2016 the Challenge expanded out of Belgium  with the two International C shows adding the Challenge section to their event -  Arabian Horse Weekend in Holland and the Arabische Festival in Westfalen, two shows which have continued to be a part of the program.  They were also joined by the Absolut Arabian Event in Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.  While the show were geographically near to each other -  competitors travelled a long way to be a part of the Challenge and some of them got not only to Paris but to California !  The winners of the final draw were Marie Callebaut of Belgium, Robina Romani a rider from Holland and Suzanna Hayward a small breeder from Normandy in France - who started her own show the following year.

2016 – AJF Amateur Challenge Winners

Trail In Hand:

  1. Van Gastel Ginny
  2. Romani Canisia
  3. Bonde Maja

Trail Ridden:

  1. Romani Robina
  2. Van Gastel Ginny
  3. Romani Canisia

Classic Pleasure:

  1. Romani Robina
  2. Uggeldahl Rebecka
  3. Samson Laine Indiana – 3th by Draw

Western Pleasure:

  1. Romani Robina
  2. Gebruers Julie
  3. Romani Canisia

Hunter Pleasure:

  1. Horsen Yildiz
  2. Romani Robina
  3. Bovens Stefanie

Novice Amateur:

  1. De la Ruelle Priscilla
  2. Duran Isaac
  3. Buedts Sien
  4. Joseph Sophie
  5. Mertin Andrej
  6. Van Duyvenbode Jolanda
  7. Maat Femke – 7th by Draw


  1. Hennekens Koen
  2. Ben Nasr Marwen
  3. Den Hartog Tjerry
  4. Callebaut Marie
  5. Doornberg Christina
  6. Könst Isabelle
  7. Zouaouni Ramzi

Experienced Amateur:

  1. Hennekens Koen
  2. Bonde Maja
  3. Bovens Stefanie
  4. Ben Nasr Marwen
  5. de La Ruelle Priscilla
  6. Rosowski Joyce
  7. Hayward Suzanna – 7th By Draw