June, 04 2020


COVID 19 UPDATE: There is no overall decision to cancel the 2020 Amateur Challenge in full. We will support shows which can run. We do reserve the right to alter prizes and numbers of winners according to the changing situation.

Officials for Halter Classes: For 2020 only two judges may judge. No foreign judge is required. They must be still chosen from the EAHSC A and B list of judges or from the National judges' list of an ECAHO Member organisation. Any Judges chosen from a non-ECAHO Member country must be selected from the judges' panel of a National Arab Horse Organisation. 

Officials for Performance Classes: For 2020 only one judge may judge. We strongly suggest you choose an ECAHO judge qualified to do both Pleasure and Trail, but if there are none in your country you may use someone you think has sufficient experience. The rules should be sent to them at the time of invitation, they should be reminded of their obligation to judge according to our rules in the run up to the show and the rules should be printed out and available on the day for any last minute queries. Trail

Please note the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge (AAC) shows are no longer affiliated to ECAHO although the majority of rules in the ECAHO Blue Book for Shows and Green Book for Sport are followed. You may affiliate to ECAHO for other classes at your show whether halter or sport. Please do let us know your complete class schedule before sending out to exhibitors.