May, 16 2021

New for 2021

The Professional / Amateur status of Riders and Western trainers has been regularly queried in our show series and we made a fresh ruling on it for 2021.  We hope you will find it is a compromise that includes as many of our Arabian horse community as we can, in the fairest way we can.

For 2021 we are still welcoming professional riders to take part in our Classes, because we are aware that there are not yet enough Arabian performance competitions available to breeders and riders of Arabian horses to take part in.  However we also feel that  it is not appropriate for them to take Special Prize Points in a competition series especially directed towards the Amateurs.  

Therefore people who are paid to ride or train their entry, in either Pleasure or Trail are welcome to compete in 2021, but will be not awarded Special Prize points. Those placed below them will take their points. The definition of professional is not easy to define to everyone's satisfaction and we appreciate there are grey areas with mixed private/paying yards, so we have tied the definition to each entry. While we trust you all to enter appropriately, we will ask you to sign a declaration of your paid status on your entry so that we have no confusion when it comes to adding the points !

Please read in CHAPTER 1 PART 2C  (COPIED BELOW) of the Official Rules and don't forget to sign the Declaration when you enter which can be downloaded via the Download Button (TOP RIGHT) 

Part 2c) Conditions of Entry for All Pleasure and Trail Riders / Handlers.

Professional riders are welcome to take part in the Challenge and will receive placings and prizes in the class according to the judges opinion. They will not receive points for any of the End of Year Special prizes. The Amateur handlers will move up the ranking.

The definition of Professional for Pleasure classes will be based on the status of the exact combination entered. Riders paid to break, train or compete on the entry in this class will not get points for End of Year Special prizes.  Riders competing on their own horses will remain eligible. Riders with professionally trained horses on which they have lessons are also eligible.

All riders will be required to sign a declaration on the entry form to clarify their status; and may be asked for further evidence if they are not the registered owner of the horse entered.