June, 27 2019

Montefalco Arabian Festival

One of the hottest weekends of the year !   In June we welcomed Italy to the Challenge for the first time. It took place at the Montefalco Arabian Festival organised by Roberto Ceccaroni in very high temperatures., Thanks to the heat some entries did not make it into the arena, but we saw lots of smiles from those who did. A very good showing from some of the youngest in hand contenders we have seen this year, we hope Italy can continue to encourage the Amateur program.

Congratulations to 

Best in Show Novice:   Platinia J by Emerald J with Ciro Fontanella

Best In Show Amateur. Pandora PC by Alexander PC with Luciano Capuani

Best in Show Experienced: Piccadilly by Ajman Moniscione with Guiseppe Alberti

Ridden Trail Winner: Shazam by Afid El Nile ridden by Carlos Alberto Baez

Pictured White Linda by Farid Al Asil with Chiara Piernera.

Thank you to Organiser Roberto Ceccaroni.

Enjoy photos of some of our entrants - thank you Beatrice Bigotti, Massimo Mattioli. Sunny.