September, 12 2019

Congratulations Austria !

.Austria is known as the home of the ECAHO European Sport Championships so we were expecting great things of their first Challenge show  We were not disappointed. However it was not just the sport classes which had good entries - In Hand Trail had  17 horses forward  and Ridden Trail had 10 entries but in hand they welcomed more than 10  Novice geldings and Novice mares ! Altogether 50 handlers and riders new to the Amateur Challenge took part including Mario Matt.  The show also offered Advanced Pleasure classes and eight dressage classes, showing the performance ability of the Arabian.

Congratulations to 

Best in Show Novice: Aurora JMA by Emerald J shown by Kathrin Letsch from Germany.

Best In Sow Amateur: Ann Margret UMM by Borsalino K shown by  Thomas Altenberger from Austria

Best in Show Experienced: ASE Bellagio by Safeer shown by  KarlHeinz Winhammer from Germany (pictured)

Train In Hand Winner: Diego El Bri shown by Daniela Bergmoser of Austria.

Ridden Trail Winner: Vadim ridden by Birgitte Hirschböck of Austria                                 


Classic Pleasure Winner: Onessa ridden by Hannah Schoder of Austria

Hunter Pleasure Winner: Jullya Bey Jamaal ridden by Valeria Rusanovych of Germany

Western Pleasure Winner: Ridden by Laura Kaspar of Austria.

Thank you Franz and Maria Hagmair.

Thank you Doris Dobetsberger for the photos.