September, 20 2021

Dutch National Championships

We were very pleased once again to see a collection of new names and faces - altogether we had 83 new participants in the Challenge this year. Well done to all our organisers for their time and energy, it is harder than you think to arrange a successful show and keep all the competitors happy !

Novice Champion: Bibi Van Wyk with Kizbe Zanzibar by Solaris


Amateur Champion: Serge Liefers with Olympia O by Magic Magnifique (Pictured)


Experienced Champion: Dede Kpitabey with Jayali Bahirah D by Ali Khan


In Hand Trail: Michelle De Groot and Ya'hri Nadim by Yanour Hayati.


Ridden Trail: Monica Van Duyvenbode riding Ero's Vanity by Vitorio TO

Advanced Trail: Suzanne Van Leeuwen riding SA Asiya by Biblion


Classic Pleasure Novice: Sharony Lufting riding Master by BS Mashallah


Classic Pleasure Advanced: Jeannette de Bruin with AR Sinan’s Azim

Hunter Pleasure Novice: Breda Conte-Gols with La Magneta Aura by Aurilla Gold

Western Pleasure Novice: Monica Van Duyvenbode with Ero's Vanity by Vitorio TO