September, 11 2019

The British Arabian Championships.

The British Arabian Championships hosted the last UK event as a replacement to the British Nationals which was cancelled after the tragic death of Ryan Jones.  British had their  final chance to collect points for Paris.  Sadly not all the original entries could come forward a second time  but thank you to those who did: and to the British Arabian Championships which squeezed us in ! 

Congratulations to 

Best in Show Novice:   R Gem by Design J by ZK Designer R shown by Abi Shaw of the UK

Best In Show Amateur.   Asaali by Psharif shown by Sara Parfitt of the UK

Best in Show Experienced:  Owami by Vivegas shown by Louisa Biles of the UK

Trail In Hand Winner: PS Aurora Silk by Marcus Aurelius with Natalie Tindall of the UK

Classic Pleasure Winner: PS Aurora Silk by Marcus Aurelius Natalie Tindall of the UK.

Hunter Pleasure Winner:  Silver Latifah by Lutfi  ridden by Emma Gater of the UK

Pictured Vicki Marsh and Tamishaa in In Hand Trail.

Thank you to Organiser Karen Johnson.

And to Marilyn Sweet for photographs,.