May, 30 2019

Arabian Horse Weekend

A very busy weekend for the Stoop family in St Oedrode Holland with three shows not he same weekend !  Still they have one of the biggest entries of the year for the Challenge and were one of the first shows to join back in 2016.  We were happy to see forty handlers and riders take part in the show this year.  For the first time in any Challenge class we had so many entries classes were split in both the Classic Pleasure and the Hunter Pleasure.   Largest classes were the Classic Pleasure with 18 entries forward and then In Hand Trail with seventeen. 

 Congratulations to

Best in Show Novice: Joarah Djayaiza by El D'Gyo AO with Jorn Theys from Belgium.

Best In Show Amateur, Joarah Magdalena by GR Marvel with Jorn Theys from Belgium.

Best in Show Experienced: Pagana by Eol with Kim Hvid Wraae from Denmark

Train In Hand Winner: Gypsy Queen with Chantal Van Driel from The Netherlands.

Ridden Trail Winner: Hahdes Farascha with Janna Hahn from Belgium

Classic Pleasure Winner: AF Tryoshka ridden by Kim De Bloeme Van Schaik from The Netherlands.

Hunter Pleasure Winner: Kashmira Laezize  ridden by Annelieke Stoop.

Western Pleasure Winner: MJ Morania by  ridden by Gaby Van Keulen from The Netherlands. (Pictured)