September, 20 2020

Araber Festival in Austria.

Friends of the Arabian Horse in Austria.

       Thank you to Franz and Maria Hagmair. They truly are friends of the Arabian horses by hosting the Araber Festival event which offers many of the competitions an Arabian can do.   Western riding and dressage take a central place, plus a 60 and 80 km distance ride and our Amateur Challenge event.

     There are always a lot of smiling faces and a lovely standard of winners here in Austria. .  Our second challenge event to take place in Austria. long may it continue.

  • GOLD NOVICE CHAMPION - Patrick Wimmer with Graziana B by TM Aikor.
  • GOLD AMATEUR CHAMPION - Monika Mekni with Emelie Bint Alaskaa by EKS Alihandro
  • GOLD EXPERIENCED CHAMPION - Jenny Pohl with Habib's Nakanza by Kanz Albidayer,
  • WINNER CLASSIC PLEASURE - Sabrina Joisier riding Touch of Gold.
  • WINNER JUNIOR WESTERN PLEASURE David Grandits riding LA Aviola
  • WINNER WESTERN PLEASURE Kathrin Wirth riding GHF Ella Saphia
  • WINNER IN HAND TRAIL. Kathrin Wirth with GHF Ella Saphia

Thank you to Doris Dobetsburger and Nicole Niederhuber for the pictures.

Pictured Kathrin Wirth with GHF Ella Saphia.