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The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge shows offer 3 types of classes:


Horses are shown “in hand” only. Horses are judged on how they match the breed standard, plus conformation and movement  The horse and handler are also  judged for the quality of their presentation,

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Horses are shown both “in hand” and “ridden”. They require the entrants to navigate around a course of obstacles, for example bridges and gates. Judged on accuracy and smoothness.

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Horses are shown “ridden” only. Three divisions will be offered: Classic pleasure, Hunter pleasure, Western pleasure. Judged on paces, manner and suitability to the division standards.

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Ranking & Scoring

Points will be collected by individual handlers, with one or several horses, over any of the Amateur shows taking part in in the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge.

Every handler will win points according to his/her ranking in halter, trail or novice ridden classes:


NEW FOR 2020 If you win a class with only one horse in it you  will only score 4 points and not the normal 5

If you are in a split Halter class (split at 12 entries) or a split Pleasure class  (split at 16 entries) both sections of the class will win the full points.

"CHAMPIONSHIP"  bonus points

In each Halter class (Novice, Amateur, Experienced), the winners of each category ( filly, colt, mare, stallion, gelding) compete in an additional Championship.

In any split Pleasure class the Top Three in each section compete for additional Championship bonus points. Single Pleasure classes are not eligible for a championship. No Trail class is eligible for a championship.

The Champion wins 4 bonus points.

The Reserve Champion wins 2 bonus points.

The Bronze Champion wins 1 bonus point.

  • Points & Classes
  • Points won in a class only count for that division.
    For example, points won at Novice Halter only count in the Novice Halter section and cannot be counted in the totals of the the Amateur or Experienced Halter classes or the Trail or Ridden classes.
  • Multiple horses Points may be won with multiple horses at one show.
  • Points won during a season Points are accumulated during the season. Total points return to zero at the beginning of each season.

Winner & Prizes

Special Prizes

According to the Covid-19 situation Special Prizes will be given to the most successful handlers and riders in each division.

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Special Destination prize draw

According to the Covid-19 situation the Special destination prize draw may be altered to another prize.

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Our aim is to gather Arabian Horse lovers in a fair and enjoyable competition and to offer amateurs the opportunity to experience all the excitement, adrenaline and professionalism of competing worldwide.

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